Headhunters.ac provides professional services to the “Search and Selection” industry, encompassing mergers and acquisition, retained executive search, recruitment funnel strategy and C level strategic advice. 

Who exactly do we work with?

It is the rare recruitment entrepreneurs who are executing a full strategic plan, and who, as a result are experiencing rapid growth and significant profitability, and whose success subsequently creates identifiable career progression opportunities, acquisition opportunities, management buyout and exit opportunity, and sit at the top 2% of our industry. 

Rare indeed.

In our experience, that’s less than 2% of the 39,232 UK based recruitment firms, and it is those firms that we actively seek out, through extensive marketing, research and recommendation, and seek to partner with to achieve their, and our, strategic goals.

 That is our clear strategy. And our clear differential. 

Mergers and Acquisition

The founders of Headhunters.ac have built startups, scaled, acquired, invested and exited, both via public offering and trade sale, multiple recruitment firms.

In over 32 years in business, we’ve built a trusted and loyal network of advisors, investors, acquirers, and legal, financial, banking and strategic relationships which are effective and result in closed deals.

Our exits, where we have been principle owners/shareholders, have ranged from £1.2m to £14.8m and our largest single transaction value where we introduced the parties, $440m.

It is our view that when seeking advice on an exit, the exiting entrepreneur should have other entrepreneurs who have also exited as part of the team; not just the necessary professional legal, financial and investment banking advice.

Planning with fellow entrepreneurs who have trodden this path, with around 2 years out from exiting, can ensure a well-executed and successful outcome with proper succession planning, management incentive, and profit maximization.

Search and Selection

We work predominantly on a professionally retained basis. 

And we deliver a higher quality of service as a result.

Why only retained?

A little honesty and openness.

Let’s talk about retainers with our fellow recruiters and recruitment entrepreneurs.  The real concern on retaining a firm to identify, attract, negotiate, and close the winning candidate/s away from your competitors is essentially two fold:

  • Will the supplier deliver, and truly earn the full professional fee or will I have paid a third of the fee and not get the talent I need, continuously?
  • Will I miss out on candidates from sources that the retained firm does not find and multiple contingent suppliers might?

We work with clients on a fully professionally retained basis for the following reasons, and often the same reasons your clients should work with you fully retained:

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We won’t bore you with process and state of the art digital marketing funnels, large research teams, total market mapping, explaining professional recruitment and search to fellow recruitment entrepreneurs. 

You know what we do, and we will agree on the entire process with you. All we can say is, some of the amazing things we do very differently we save for explaining directly to you.

It’s highly likely that you will start to employ some, if not all, of these strategies in your own business. They are available via our digital, funnel and marketing strategy consulting and training (including, of course, how to sell the clear benefits of retention). The model always works far better for the client, recruiter, and candidate. 


There is a bell curve of potential employers in this industry. On the left of the bell curve sit the failing firms: poor remunerators, bad commission schemes, egotistic and rather strange owners, and slower thinking management. 

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Headhunters Academy Training.

1-. Advanced Recruitment Skills 101.

Our 101 steps to the recruitment process, delivered in-person to experienced teams wishing to learn the secrets of “Super Billers” and delivered by trainers, proven to have billed in multiple years, £1m plus in personal Billings from accounts won by themselves, and where the entire recruitment process was delivered by themselves.

We have scoured the market for the very best “Super Billers” and world-class material, discovering disappointingly that very, very few who claim to have been “Super Billers”, actually were. Though expensive, you get exactly what you pay for. For our retained clients only, expect hyper ROI and a team highly motivated and inspired to achieve incredible results.

2-. Recruitment Digital Marketing.

You’ve heard of funnels, you’ve probably implemented some social. You’ve scratched the surface. The best funnel builders and digital marketers in the world (Think Frank Kern and Russel Brunson) have trained within their “inner circle” a limited number of people in truly “world-class” recruitment funnels. We work with these teams to produce something incredible for our clients who can see the step-change in our industry to gain a significant competitive advantage. NDA required.

Start Up Consulting

Almost 9000 new UK recruitment firms started operations in 2018. We love entrepreneurs in this business, so we provide expert guidance and support with business planning, operational, strategic and marketing consulting to a small number of these firms where we spot the acorn.

We can show you how to model incredible success and be your partner on a journey we have travelled many times before.

Graduate / Trainees

The demand in our industry for new recruiters is accelerating tremendously. By coordinating with higher education and universities, our graduate entry training programme into recruitment as a career is experiencing steady demand.

Headhunters has a limited number of graduates each month who successfully complete our full certification programme in recruitment and sales skills via our Headhunters Academy.

We provide our clients with a steady stream of trained and recruitment certified graduates who begin their recruitment career with our retained clients only.